Starting college is a big deal. And starting college as an 18-year-old freshman, you have so many responsibilities. You have to take care of yourself, your friends, family members back home... But there are some things that really don't matter too much in life. Like rolling backpack choice. But I'm just kidding! Of course, rolling backpack choice matters. Everyone has their preferences on rolling backpack style, backpack color - heck you can even find people who prefer backpack brands! When it comes to choosing the best rolling backpack for college, there are actually several factors to be considered before making your purchase decision: First thing first - you will need a large rolling backpack (at least) if you want to be able to bring everything with you without worrying about not having enough space. But keep in mind that a backpack should never be too heavy or give you back pains because of how it's designed. In order to get a rolling backpack that is both big and lightweight, you're going to have to spend a little more money on quality materials. The packable rolling backpack is another thing you should definitely consider if your backpack will be your primary piece of luggage to bring everywhere with you. It can save a lot of space in your home and that means you'll have more room for other things! And plus when buying a packable rolling backpack, be sure it's made from durable material so it doesn't rip during its first use. Best Rolling Backpack For College Students The best rolling backpack for college students: High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack, Charcoal/Black Chevron Print, 5 pockets, and lots of different areas to organize all your items High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack, Black, it has a special laptop protection sleeve and it's made with durable 600D polyester fabric. The Book back is yet another great bag from YETI. This time, instead of just a normal backpack's main compartment and some side pockets for organization there are 2 accessory compartments as well! The Suspension System provides relief when carrying heavier loads by dampening the shock while transporting your gear in it - perfect if you're looking to pack light or already have too much stuff weighing down on shoulders; which reminds me: this thing also has compression straps designed specifically with tablets so they stay securely fastened at all times no matter what task we put them through (traveling) Rolling backpack for college: SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack, Black (1901), It has a hidden pocket which is great if you want to some money or credit cards away from prying eyes. The design of this rolling backpack lets you store your laptop in its designated compartment without removing it from your rolling backpack. The Organizer Pocket is the perfect accessory for any event. Whether you're using it at home, or out and about this durable organizer will hold everything from keys to cell phones without fear of spilling anything on your clothes while keeping them tucked securely inside one pocket! It features an airflow backing system which means there's no hassle with air leaks so all those worries melt away when in use; the worry-free organization has never felt better than now thanks to this ingenious little bag that holds anything imaginable whether big (bikes) small(wallet). Comes with a power bank pocket which is perfect if you don't have long to charge your phone throughout the day. Backpack for college students: J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack, Neon Blue, It has an elastic handle cover so it doesn't get caught on anything. The Rolling Backpack is the perfect compromise for those who carry a lot of stuff. This rolling backpack can hold up 2 big books and still feel light on your shoulders because it rolls! It also includes an organizer pocket with key clip, pen holders card slots as well as one internal zip pocket in case you need even more room to store things safely when traveling or if someone forgets their wallet at home. Rolling  Backpack for college students: Herschel Supply Co. Novel Rolling Backpack, One Size, All Day, It includes a TSA airport friendly laptop sleeve to keep your computer safe during travel The perfect storm of security, comfort, and style is just waiting to be had. The laptop sleeve keeps your electronics safe from harm with its padded lining that's designed for 15" laptops; the front pocket houses an internal mesh organizer as well as a key clip so you can stay organized on the go while still having easy access when needed! And don't forget about all those handy features like airflow backing system which ensures cool air flows through backpacks at a steady pace - no matter how much activity takes place inside it (whether good or bad). Get yourself this new computer-carrying backpack today before they're gone forever! rolling backpack for a college student: High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack, Navy/Red Stripe Print, One Size It has 8 pockets so you can easily organize all your items inside while still having some extra room to fit in more. The large main compartment and multiple pockets allow you to keep all of your gear secure. Fully padded Cushion Zone laptop compartment accommodates most 17-inch models, media pocket with headphone port keeps music close at hand in a lidded zippered mesh pocket or pen holders for those who prefer writing rather than typing away on their phones; backpacks straps are stored behind the zippered back panel which also makes sure nothing falls out when things go bump in the night! Backpack for a college student: The North Face Jester Backpack, Black, It has a skateboard carrying system built into the backpack so you don't have to worry about carrying it separately This pack is the ultimate campus-ready pack for a day on and off your college campus. It features an adjustable 15" laptop sleeve, comfortable shoulder straps that are custom-molded with FlexVent technology to keep you cool during hot days or warm nights in style while also keeping those pesky Collegestresses at bay (I'm looking at YOU!). In addition, there's plenty of room inside this bad boy: bookbinding pads/holders as well external storage via elastic bungee cords! TOTAL ORGANIZATION. Two mesh water bottle pockets double as multi-use pockets. The front compartment has an extra padded tablet sleeve and zip pockets. Backpack for college students: JanSport Right Pack Expressions Laptop Backpack, Black, $50.00 at Walmart - comes with a pocket organizer so nothing gets mixed up inside your backpack SCHOOL SUPPLIES CARRIED IN STYLE - stylish look & built-in organization creates the ideal pack for every personality, need, and style. Comes in multiple colors or designs to best reflect you! Suitable for men, women students of all ages (high school through college) as well as parents who want a functional Backpack that can be used at work too. AMERICAN TRADITION AT IT’S BEST – Global Quality meets Classic American Style. For a lifetime of adventure, carry your gear in confidence with the Right Pack from JanSport. premium fabric and durable construction make it perfect for every journey you take! A large main compartment holds all that's needed on any given day- whether its books or clothes; laptop computer/tablet device (up to 13"); 15" tablet sleeve plus front utility pocket ensure no detail goes unnoticed while an adjustable shoulder strap means comfort during long hours at work behind closed doors away from distractions. Read More: 10 of the best backpacks for kids of all ages Storage Multifunction Travel Wheeled Rolling Backpack Buy on Amazon The perfect rolling backpack for all your adventures is here! The 400D nylon fabric and aluminum alloy rod will keep you dry in any situation, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. You'll love how thoughtful details like thick wide shoulder straps or a cushioned back make this bag an essential part of any trip while high-density PP wheels ensure that everything stays secure on board-no clotheslines necessary!. With convenient design features such as turning down the front cushion to cover up those pesky rolling pinkie fingers when carrying heavy loads below waist level makes sure there's nothing but smooth sailing from start (or finish) line to a shoreline with our rolling Backpack For All Seasons. This rolling backpack is perfect for college students, university faculty members, and travelers alike. It features thick foam padding on the inside of its large compartments that can hold up to 16" laptops with ease! There are also outer pockets where you'll find things like keys or pens as well as a compartment underneath your laptop sleeve so all essential items reach their destination in one piece - no more rummaging around blindly when it's time to pack up at home after class has ended! Casual Canvas Laptop Backpack For College Buy on Amazon This backpack is another backpack that has casual look, with beautiful material on it which makes it looks really stylish! It stands out from another backpack at least in terms of appearance! The inside lining of the backpack is smooth so it reduces scratching to your laptop. Anti Theft Travel Backpack If you are looking for a travel backpack that has lockable zippers so someone cannot easily take out your stuff inside the bag, then this product right here is what you need! This backpack has many pockets inside the backpack so you can put a lot of things in there. This sleek water-resistant laptop backpack is designed to take your computer into any situation. With a padded sleeve and multiple dividers pockets, you can carry everything that's important on the go! The front zippers open up like an envelope for easy access when working or just looking at what all has been stored inside of it before sending off resumes, but don't worry about spilling anything harmful - This bag features special fabric panels which repel liquids making them impossible (and I mean UNBELIEVABLE)to get past even if they tried their hardest to soak through these materials. Laptop Backpack 17 Inch Water Resistant Backpacks Durable College Buy on Amazon The Stance is as comfortable on your back as it is off. The compression-molded EVA shoulder straps and back panels provide Ergonomic comfort, while the sternum strap keeps things in place for every adventure you take them through whether it's work or play! Whether at school, running errands around town, or zooming towards mountain biking trails; this pack has got everything that's needed with plenty of space to spare thanks both inside AND outside where dedicated compartments keep all items organized so there'll be nothing left behind when packing up before heading out into nature again next time. This durable 1000D nylon outer shell is water-resistant and the zippers are fireproof too! Not only that, but these features all come with an amazing warranty. The unique lock zipper pull system on our laptop or media pockets will ensure your items stay securely inside so you can enjoy them without worry for years to come. YOREPEK Backpack for Men, Extra Large 50L Travel Backpack Buy on Amazon The outside of this backpack is so big, it can be used for any journey. Whether you're going on an international trip or just playing basketball in your backyard with friends, the multipurpose 60L Unfoldable Backpack will serve as both a sturdy large bag and spacious college backpacks! The perfect book bag backpack for high school boys, this large capacity and organized men's travel suitcase has 20 pockets with plenty of space to store small items. The 3 spacious main compartments have an additional hidden pocket in each which can accommodate all your college supplies or other essential gear needs while you're on the go! A Tech Backpack is a must for any student and the best part? It has a U-Shaped design that relieves stress on your shoulders. With plenty of ventilation holes in it to keep you cool as well! A lanyard can hold sunglasses or other small pendants so all eyes are covered when they look at this bag I'm sure many men would love having their own premium bookbag too - not only do these provide protection against tears but also give them extra space if needed since most women's purses don't have much room inside either way (and sometimes even less). If fashion does know-how. WASHING 55L Internal Frame Backpack Buy on Amazon Polyester lining zipper closure With zippered access, you can find what's inside with the internal divider! It comes in many colors and sizes to suit your needs- whether they are water-resistant or not. It is made of man-made materials (polyester), this bottom compartment will resist abrasion more than natural fabrics like cotton does because polyesters don't absorb moisture easily while still maintaining breathability so there isn’t any risk for mildew buildup when stored wet items such as clothes which may lead some people having mold allergies Extra Large 50L Travel Laptop Backpack Buy on Amazon The large capacity and organized men's travel backpack has 20 independent pockets, 3 spacious main compartments with many hidden pockets that can accommodate lots of stuff like college supplies or even stationery. It is perfect for high school boys who need a bag that will hold their belongings while still being easy to carry around! This bag is perfect for those who want extra space. It can be used as an indoor/outdoor backpack, large schoolbag, or college duffle - you name it! You won’t regret getting this rolling product since its versatility means that there's something in here to suit any occasion whether at home with friends on a weekend chill-out session or while traveling internationally where every inch counts when packing light items into carry-on luggage restrictions demand less than ever before. The perfect gift for men and women, the Tech Backpack is an affordable way to make sure your essentials are never out of reach. Whether you're looking for a rolling backpack that can carry all of those school supplies or just want something light enough so as not to burden yourself throughout work hours; this sleek black design will do it! And with its three-dimensional ventilation system designed specifically around comfort-ability (and style), there's no better time than now to get yours today while they last!" A rolling backpack for students, girls or boys 5-18 years old: A backpack fits everything I bring to school plus it is stylish of course! The rolling backpack is top of the line - one that can be used on a daily basis without having to worry about any damage. If you are looking backpack that fits your style, then this rolling backpack is the perfect backpack for you! It's not only cheap but also really fashionable! Read More: 12 Best Backpacks For Girls in Middle School

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